Common Reasons to Visit Constipation Help Centers

Being constipated can cause embarrassment, frustration and low self-esteem. Sometimes, it may be caused by a medical condition. By seeking constipation help, you can alleviate the unpleasant symptoms, and enjoy freedom and mobility.

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The term ‘coccinea’ refers to the hiding place of a person. In ‘coccinea’, the person’s bowels are shut off so the feces buildup can’t be detected by sight, smell or touch. Some babies are very prone to coccinea since they keep their bowel development close to their core where there is constant contact with the soil.


Dysentery is the opposite of coccinea. A person with dysentery has bowel movement trouble without any invite. Usually, the person is desperately searching for bowel movements. In the worst-case scenario, the person even doesn’t have a bowel movement for days.

do not respond

One common reason for chronic constipation is not knowing how to act and deal with the situation. Usually, people try to suppress the symptoms, and then they find the relief medication not-so-helpful.

overdosing beverages

Beverages normally cause a refreshing feeling for the drinker but for those who are experiencing chronic constipation, it may only bring more constipation and even cause diarrhea. Cutting back or eliminating beverages may bring relief.

Overdosing in food

One of the simplest ways to prevent constipation naturally is to eat foods that relieve constipation. This includes berries, fruits, vegetables, bread and whole grains. Some foods that are hardest on the stomach and that make constipation worse are spicy and highly-processed foods.


Without the proper medical help, constipation can severe into a more serious condition. One of the most common medications is anti-arrhythmia. This can come from medications used to treat the conditions (diabetes, high blood pressure, prostate problems, etc.). Anything that impairs nervous system function can also cause symptoms of constipation.

Some common medications in reference to constipation cause the following:

o Anti-depressants

o Chantix (pirimac)

o Cimici (filiprofen)

o Desmopressin – a blood-pressure medication

o Every-normally recommended decongestant

o Garethhn (dalfa, hay fever)

o Inose however does not do anything

o Oxycontin (oxycodone, oxytrain)

o Prilosec-Pro-charged acid indomethacin

o Salicylates – immune system masks the symptom of constipation by masking the symptom of diarrhea.

Other reasons for constipation

There are a multitude of other conditions that can also cause constipation. Some of the more common ones:

o Autoimmune disease

o Cancer

o Cardiac and endocrine disorders

o Infections

o Metabolic disorders

o Painful periods

o Polycystic ovary syndrome

o Sleep disturbances

o Weakened immune system

o Acute or chronic illness

o Sleep disturbances

o Stress

o and many, many more.

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