Five Hidden Celery Health Benefits

Hidden celery health benefits can be great sources of vitamins and minerals – and they’re not even your favorite kinds of vegetables!

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Thinking about adding some celery to your diet? Think again.

Here’s why:

– Celery is one of the most overlooked vegetables – nobody likes it, and even celiacs and people with intolerance can’t eat it without experiencing gastrointestinal problems.- It is one of the most nutritious veggies around – next to spinach. Spinach is great for overall health, but celery is even more nutrient-packed. This is because it’s rich in vitamin K, which is essential for bone health. Vitamin K has also been associated with reduced risk of Alzheimer’s disease, and reducing inflammation.

Here are just a few more Hidden Celery Health Benefits:

1. Stops blood sugar spikes after a meal or snack.

Blood sugar spikes are a major cause of unhealthy snacking and day-to-day eating. The body releases insulin in response to the sudden flow of glucose into the bloodstream, and this often results in a crash after a big meal or snack.

Celery slows this effect, naturally.

2. Lowers cholesterol

Along with the benefit of preventing blood glucose spikes, celery helps the body reduce levels of bad cholesterol (LDLs) without interfering in levels of good cholesterol (HDLs).

So: celery is a great addition to your diet, and a healthier one, too.

3. Fights cancer

Celery contains polyphenols, which have been shown to lead to decreased rates of cancer.

4. Prevents and eliminates constipation

Since celery is one of the most nutritious vegetables on the planet, that means it can also help you eliminate and prevent the painful and uncomfortable condition of constipation.

It does this by keeping water in the stools, making bowel movements easier, and preventing constipation.

5. Reduces high blood pressure

The Spleen uses a high blood pressure if it gets too full, and the liver uses elevated blood pressure to metabolize fat.

Celery is also shown to lower elevated blood pressure.

All in all, this snack has a long list of benefits, and being able to incorporate it into your diet is easy.

You can buy it fresh or frozen, and it is even canned. No thought at all!

Peel it, break it into bite-sized pieces, and pop them in the juicer.

It’s ready to go 3 minutes later.

Give it a workout and toss it in some salad, or cut it into chunks with a grain slinger.

You are good to go!

And if you really want to get benefit from this super vegetable, you can decipher the confusing array of shower caps that are available.

Each of them proudly states that celery is the primary ingredient.

Mine does, “Celery Juice is derived of leaves of selection celery.”

One time I did take a closer look at the labels – in marketing speak, my intention was to spot non-real celery juice, but there it was!

One problem with buying organic produce is that your hand may contaminate the ground and mix it up with the ground water later.

To insure that, use a vegetable wash after cutting, washing, and storing.

Remove the peel.

Leave the greens initives and minerals on top.

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