How to Become a Better Listener

I really believe in the four features of a desirable sales experience. They are:

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Value is a standard feature of good sales despite its relative importance. Some salespeople seek opportunities to “get a deal” out of their clients and they might want to sell to them at any cost. Others try to create a positive cold calling experience for their prospects. A successful sales pro understands that there is a price to be paid for good service. If your service & value meets your prospect’s criteria, they initially won’t appear too interested in you in the formative process and then there are objections to overcome. You’ll need to overcome 1) their initial resistance, 2) deal with objections, 3) deal with the latter before addressing your first objection. Most salespeople do not proceed to the second phase and this leaves money on the table.

Communication has a connotation in today’s society. The old standard of no surprises is still good now. Even here, asking you prospects questions about their business or personal life never hurt. Improve your social skills & use these skills in your sales presentation. Prove your competence by letting your prospects know you know their business too.

Service is not just about you… Your service is about your prospect, their organization, their needs. In a good relationship, when a salesperson only focuses on what’s in it for them, the prospect doesn’t develop trust. Of course the sales presentation is still important and that is easy to accomplish. However, slowly as time goes on, the prospects begin to trust you. You’ll notice this is right after you’ve given it your best effort to come across and present your sales point.

Sale is not made to you, it is made to your prospect. As a result, you can get more confident in your presentation as you use three timeless concepts.

Why a sale is not made to you as my sales pro I might say; ‘Sh shove the steering wheel tighter and sharpen the old wheel until it is in a perfect condition and I can stop flicking and change the tire’. I’m talking about breaking the main mechanical process in your selling process. If you find you are still breaking chains and should stop, you have regressed to the old stage no longer selling to your prospect. This will allow you to start thinking of them in terms of what you are doing is for them so they can make more money instead of you making money.

Remember this; there is a natural process to everything. You can speed up the process by learning how to become a better listener and by using effective, positive body language. A sales pro becomes a better listener by asking provocative, SPECIFIC questions that they generate a positive response in their prospects. Even if you have the best product or service and the most in depth knowledge about it, if you haven’t ever asked a prospect your very best questions, you aren’t communicating effectively. Customers only care about themselves first. Your product/service and the results it creates is secondary to their objectives. You must focus on your prospect.

Sales is a process to be followed by all selling professionals. It is closely tied to the feelings you have. When you begin to follow these concepts, you will see positive changes that put money on the table for you and your prospect.

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