How to Wash Your Hair With Coffee

It is true that coffee is a popular and over the counter product used for several different purposes. smokers make use of it to cut down on their smoke habit; many doctors use it for health reasons; and, of course, we use it to make ourselves more full and healthy.

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Coffee is indeed a good way to make yourself look and feel better. It has more than Andy Rooney’s “any day club of yours” catch phrase. It is a proven way to boost your energy and mood. It is no wonder then that there are so many people who want to make coffee the part of their beauty routine.

The love for coffee is not new. The ancient Egyptians loved it. The Joy of living in a rotating globe where the sun shines is built on the back of a rock and many cultures have derived its pleasures throughecaffeine. However, the benefits of caffeine are usually the positive ones.

Here are some suggestions for shading your eyes with coffee:

Eye shadow with coffee

Put the eye shadow on your eyelids and use a brush to form a neat and gentle arch just above your natural crease line. The point of the arch is to keep your eyes bright and awake. Now use a pair of tweezers to make sure that you have a nice and even blend of the liner and eye shadow. Coffee is a good tool to keep yourself awake through the night.

Volumizing eye shadow

Use a brush to form a thin and even layer of eye shadow in the crease of your eyelids. The point where the brush meets the brow bone. The brush should be pink in color to make your eyes look brighter. Just make sure that the brush that you use has soft bristles, a very lightweight cosmetics brush. If you do not have such a brush, you can get one from the beauty supply store. Then, use a flat end brush to apply the powder. A flat end brush is very useful to women who have large areas of dark circles, or perhaps the “apples” effect. Use a tissue paper to wipe the excess makeup away. Then you can use the same brush to form a new arch in the eyebrow.

Eye liner

Though you use mascara quite often, you have yet to meet a woman who does not want to apply some eye liner. A great eye liner starts with a good eye shadow. For this, you have to find a good cream or gel. The original purpose of eye liner is to make the eyes look darker. Nowadays, you can easily just stick to mascara. But if you use a good eye shadow and liner, the effect will be outstanding.

Here is a advice for those who want to look younger with eye makeup: use a good Concealer and highlight the false one, but keep the eyes looking natural.

Instead of changing the natural look of your eyes, you can blend them in a natural way. Apply a little bit of shadow to “tip” the equilibrium of your cheeks. If you use shadow, use a color that is as close to your own hair color as possible. If you use a Concealer, make sure that it is waterproof and apply it twice.

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