Living With Gallstones

Probably one of the most common ailments experienced by people today is gallstones. These may occur in any part of the digestive system due to several different causes. But whether you’re actually suffering from gallstones or not, you should still see a doctor as soon as possible if you experience the following symptoms:

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– Pain in the upper right stomach region that is usually below the breast bone.

– Pain that travels from the right side of the abdomen to the left side of the abdomen.

– Increased salivation.

– Increased frequency of urination.

– Blurred vision.

Blood tests that are performed in order to determine if you are suffering from gallstones are also very effective in revealing whether or not you are actually suffering from gallstones. Of course, a thorough self-opsy is necessary to completely rule out any additional problems as well (e.g., ulcers, liver disease, etc.) in order to avoid further complications. If the gallbladder is to be surgically removed as part of the treatment, it is also a good idea to let your doctor know, so that he or she can provide you with all the necessary information in order to Regardless of any symptoms, it is never a good idea to ignore a doctor’s advice and stick with your good drugs instead of following through with the proper diet and exercise regimens.

How to Avoid Gallstones:

– Diet – Eat healthy food, such as a low-fat, low-cholesterol diet. Avoid highly processed, greasy, grease-laden foods. Instead, eat more fruits and vegetables as well as good lean protein, such as white-meat poultry and fish.

– Exercise – Moderate regular exercise has been shown to be extremely beneficial for removing gallstones in several different ways. This is a very good way to keep your body strong and healthy.

– Stress – Intense emotional, mental, or physical stress is another cause of gallstones, which in turn can lead to more pain and inflammation in the liver. One way to combat stress is to learn to relax yourself. Regular exercise, meditation, and deep breathing can provide you with many effective ways to help you become more relaxed in order to prevent pain and additional inflammation to your liver.

– Steroids – Although gallstone pain is often caused by high cholesterol, the more common cause of stones is the presence of steroidal (steroid) compounds in the gallbladder, especially in patients with diabetes or biliary colic.

In summary, anyone can experience gallstone pain. The best way to avoid gallstone pain is to follow a healthy, well-balanced diet that eliminates (or at least drastically reduces) saturated fat, cholesterol, and red meat, as well as to regularly exercise and relax yourself. It is important to remember that gallstones, like other stones, pass from the body fabulously. However, gallstones may pass or not pass for various reasons. The best way to maintain good gall bladder function is to avoid consuming stones larger than a grain of sand. No amount of pain medication will provide you with complete relief unless you change your diet and lunge yourself with a gigantic dose of vitamin E.

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