Make Money With a Bonus Plan

Adding bonuses to each of your products is a great way to keep your customers coming back and to stimulate their interest. A bonus is a reward or a deal depending on what you sell. It can range from discounts you offer, to bonuses such as free samples, and expensive free stuff you sell. However, the most important thing you should keep in mind with a bonus plan is to make sure all your bonuses have some sort of call to action because that will help your customers understand what they are getting, and how it will benefit them.

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Now let’s say you are selling software. Giving a free 30 day trial may be a great incentive, but that’s not a great call to action. You want to get them to act now. Depending on the amount of money you want to make, you could do that with a number of calls to action. For example, you could say, ” Limited time only, but try it now and you will be on your way to saving 50% on that software” Sounds pretty good, but it requires some incentives to encourage them to sign up now. Then what? Well, you need to get them to take action now.. The call to action would be “Act now and chances are you will get a free 30 day trial on the software”.

Another great incentive for new customers is to have a free thank you gift with their purchase of your software. Your call to action would be “To register for my bonus addressbook we give you the free thank you gift of” I have a client, Ann underside, who almost puts this up with her offerings, but usually comes up with something that is a bit more salesy, such as, “Use this 30 day introductory offer to promote your premium account to start saving money today”.

This INCREASES their desire to do something now, and also makes you think that they are going to miss out on something they will lose if you don’t do this offer. All of this is to create some incentive for them to put their money in today, and you will be able to tell they are motivated to do some smart things.

Once you have your bonuses, and set the call to action. It is now time for your follow up system. I have written before how often in my life I receive follow up cards. If I am open, I get them in the mail at least once every week, sometimes two. Sometimes, if I am busy I get autoresponded, or at least would like household cleaners.

The secret to making your follow up a successful piece of software, is to make sure you have the right kind of system to send out your follow up sequence. Once you have created a formula for this and have tested it, the next step is to test your creative.

Create a process they have to follow in order to get their answers. The best way to do this is to create a step by step process that includes an opportunity to get your product or your software up on the steps. If you don’t know if the processes are working, there is always room for tweaking so you are providing the smallest possible amount of time for completing the process.

Once these sets of six logical, helpful steps have been developed, you just need to apply them to your offer to make them more successful. If you can do this, all aspects of customer service and relationship building will improve and your clients will stay on the books longer, return more often, and tell others about you and your products.

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