The Nutritional Response to Colostrum

The first response that a lot of people have when the word “colostrum” enters their minds is that it is going to be some kind of weird fluid that I have no idea how to make stick to my ribs. Yes, the word “colostrum” may carry some strange and aggressive connotations for some people ( vain people, those withtics, those of an ADD nature, etc). However, I assure you that what I am going to share with you is going to be something that you can benefit and use to enhance your health, as well as comfort you from a harsh illness.

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Colostrum comes from the first milk that cows ever milked, called colostrum. The most important function of this remarkable substance is that it builds the immune system in both humans and animals, so that they will be able to protect their young. After humans, animals are usually the main benefactors of colostrum. Cows receive the most benefits from the daily dose of colostrum, which results in factors that are beneficial for humans such as a longer lifespan, decreased body fat, spears that don’t break the skin, and a diet rich in vitamins A and B found in the grass wholegrains which cows eat.

Colostrum further functions as a growth hormone, boosting the growth in both humans and animals. During the slowing and temporarily slowed-to-gaveless stages of growth, the body needs more growth hormones. By consuming the growth hormone in colostrum, individuals receive the immediate kick-start that they are truly beginning to grow taller.

In addition to growth hormone functions, colostrum is a rich source of immune supporting chemicals such as TNF, interleukins and adhesion molecules. All these vital substances are completely safe for human consumption, and the large array of these substances ensure the body’s immune system to remain healthy.

Sometimes individuals complain of having chronic and severe allergies, which are often the result of the immune system becoming weakened and under constant attack. The same occurs with the body in “germ” and “cancer” cells. The body needs all the help it can get to function at its top performance level, and weaken from the inside can have a massive effect on the functioning of the immune system. The powerful immune system that protects the body from viruses and bacteria is consequently weakened, and a opens door for these two infinitely harmful substances to take over the body.

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A lot of people who rarely feel sick manage to get sick all the time. This is often the result of a weakened immune system, and simply not taking the time toBreast feeding an infant at 6 months – this is not uncommon when you consider the numbers of people who die from the flu during that time frame. Instead, colostrum can boost the immune system, and every time you feed your baby it builds stronger immune defence.

In conclude, colostrum is not only a new medical concept that has been around for several decades, but is also more commonly used by adults who have been throughout their adult life battling with an inability to always find the right supplement to maximise their health and well-being.

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