What You Didn’t Know About Stretch Marks and Why You Might Not Like It

Did you know that the color of a person’s skin is determined by their genetic makeup? If you are genetically similar, all the products you have tried to get this beautiful skin are wasted because they will never give you the color you are born with.

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The reason people have tried skin products to repair their skin or makeup to cover up blemishes is because their natural skin color is darker.

Natural skin color comes from melanin. Melanin is produced by melanocytes. These are the cells in the skin that allow you to tan or burn when exposed to the sun.

Usually a tan results from a sunburn. If a person burns their skin and this skin Cell reappears and melanin is produced to help protect it so the new cells do not get damaged.

Cellular DNA is damaged during the sun burn. This DNA damage doesn’t happen until much later when the damage is done at the DNA level. Much research has taken place using animal skin to develop a cure for cancer and other skin diseases.

So a tan results because of the trapping of the sun’s rays to the outer layer of the skin. The trapping of sunlight results in freckles and may turn into a stretch mark if a person is obese and the stretching of the skin results in tearing of the middle layer of the skin result in the the the appearance of spider veins.

Prolonged exposure to the sun is not a good idea. This includes any time you are outside during the day. Tanning booths can also cause this problem because of the light exposure.

This means that the less exposure to the sun the better your chances of avoiding stretch marks. Not everyone can afford to have regular access to the sunlight, however. For instance, those who work outdoors can’t have the same amount of time as those who work in offices have to take frequent breaks to bivy the sun.

There are special remedies for stretch marks made to fight the unsightly marks. Most creams and lotions are designed to be applied to help them fade. The lotions and creams are supposed to be absorbed within three to five months of topical application.

There are other ways to remove stretch marks from the skin. Not only can surgical procedures be done but also some advanced and new creams and gels can help erase these marks.

These advanced and new topical creams are made from natural extracts. Most of these creams are made from aloe vera, chromium and grape seed oil. These creams and lotions are topically applied to the marks.

These creams and lotions have become a big business in dealing with the problem of stretch marks. They are easily available in health stores and online. The big question is whether this will work or not. Will this costly and time consuming?

A friend of mine tried this. She found that her stretch marks faded and reduced after a few weeks of applying this cream. It does work. This cream includes several natural ingredients that include the following:

This product is safe to use. It can be used directly on the skin and also underneath the entire skin. For me it worked wonders, smooth the marks, moisturize the skin and made the skin more elastic.

In closing I’d like to add that if you’re serious about removing your stretch marks, don’t waste your time with these creams. Go ahead and try something that is specifically made to remove stretch marks instead of taking the risk of money and time for treatments that don’t work.

Castor Oil: Works well to reduce stretch marks.

Vitamin A: Tore heel and pimples.

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